5 Challenges of Homeschooling and How to Tackle Them

Home education options such as traditional homeschooling and online learning are becoming popular in digital age, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. Here are five of the biggest challenges homeschooling parents face, along with ways to help you navigate.

  1. Lack of socialization; one of the most concerns about homeschooling is that a child will feel isolated and won’t get enough socialization. For sure homeschooled children may not get as much opportunities to socialize which might make them struggle with friendship and social skills. However, this is just a part of the story, Lifehack Academy would recommend that you find a local homeschooling group, online community, or extra curriculum activity such as swimming, football academy, music lessons…etc. This is because meaningful social interactions are really useful to every learner and more so to the home program.
  2. Time Management; Homeschooling can be time consuming, especially if as a parent you are in a full tie job. Also some parent don’t have any experience in teaching and therefore they may struggle with proper organization. However, we recommend to try and plan in advance, source for materials online. Try and set aside the time for each activity so that you can develop a routine. Remember to take the breaks in between to avoid fatigue and most importantly you can reach out to Lifehack Academy any help.
  3. Finances; a home education can be expensive especially if you need to purchase learning materials. Homeschooling also requires investment in time, and energy which mean a parent or guardian will have to stay at home hence losing some income. However, there are many ways to save money such as utilizing free materials, getting used ones, borrowing from a friend and taking the disadvantage of the materials on discount.
  4. Curriculum; one of the biggest challenge of homeschooling is selecting the best curriculum for your child. There are so many different options available, and it can be difficult to know which one works best for your child. Another challenge is making sure you are teaching all the subjects and covering the objectives in the right manner. Some tips on getting right curriculum is by doing a research, visiting homeschooling websites and forums, talking to other homeschooling families, attending homeschooling convections and most importantly reaching out to home education experts at Lifehack Academy.
  5. Keeping your child engaged; there are a number of reasons whey it’s might be hard to keep a child engaged. Home Education program – be it homeschooling or online. Some children may struggle to stay interested with the lack of social interactions that comes with being at home, while others might find it difficult to focus on their studies without the motivation of being in a traditional classroom setup. Additionally, some parents may not have time or resources necessary to provide a high quality home experience. Some tips that helps include making learning interactives and hands on whenever possible, using variety of different media and activities and letting a child have some input into what’s they are learning. It is also important to keep lessons interesting and engaging for a child as well as making sure they are challenged but not overwhelmed.
    Home Education Program can come with challenges, but with a big of organization, and positive attitude, the decision to homeschool can be very rewarding.

    At Lifehack Academy we have supported homeschooling families for over six years and encourage parents to select a curriculum that suits their children.

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