7 Sure Ways Homeschooling Is Great For Your Child

There is a reason (if not reasons) why Homeschooling in Kenya is becoming popular. According to reliable stats, parents (especially in urban settings) are increasingly taking the route of teaching their kids at home. The question, why is homeschooling great for your child?

Resource: A Case for Homeschooling In Kenya

In this post, we’ll go over the reasons parents are giving in support of individualized training. While there are many points in favour of home school services, these seven are the most popular:

1. Blended learning

Home-based learning offers a variety of curricula, unlike traditional schools. A student has the freedom to try different curricula before settling on the most rewarding.

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With access to almost limitless resources and materials, homeschooling guarantees superior content delivery. The result is a fully-equipped student, competent enough to compete in the fast-pacing world.

2. Caters for special needs

Homeschooling is the only option for children with special needs. Not only does it offer a personal and individualized way of learning, but there are also zero chances of stigmatization.

With intact self-esteem, your child will explore their potential to the fullest. From your home or one of the many homeschooling centres in Kenya, they’ll learn the value of individual differences

3. Personalized learning

Want to learn at your own pace? Well, nothing comes close to homeschooling in making that possible. To cater for slow learners, this model focuses a teacher on a single kid at a time. This inspires the student to do better.

4. Homeschooling is flexible

Instead of waking up at 4 am to catch the bus, your kid chooses when to learn. This eliminates pressure and gives the student enough time rests. Ultimately, students exhibit a higher understanding of the subjects.

The flexible schedule also means you don’t have to wait for national holidays to take your kids on a vacation.

5. Effective and efficient learning

A low student-teacher ratio makes homeschooling efficient. Again, parents choose contextual learning which translates into skills across all academic platforms.

Students can employ inquiry-based learning. This helps learners develop their critical thinking, an important element in someone’s future.

6. Focuses on life skills

Homeschooling gives parents the chance to focus their children to learning life skills. Such skills prepare the learner for adulthood. Besides, the parents have ample time to introduce their kids to informal business ideas and opportunities.

7. Encourages Independence

Research shows that autonomy is a crucial aspect of efficient learning. Homeschooled kids can decide what to learn and how to go about it. The result is independence in real-life situations and accountable adults.


We can say that homeschooling is flexible, efficient, encourage independence and offers a variety of curricula. Students who study at home also tend to acquire life skills faster and enjoys a one on one learning. Most importantly, this is the model of learning for kids with special needs.

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