Academic excellence in homeschooling

Developing independent learners

At Lifehack Academy we pride ourselves on the academic excellence of our homeschooling programs.

Many families look to homeschooling in order to have more control over their child’s education.

Lifehack Academy provides engaging, academically rigorous courses which build a solid foundation of concepts. Our courses are designed to be enjoyable and aim to help children develop into independent learners.

At all levels from preschool through to high school, our courses aim for academic excellence. Students can join courses suited to their stage of learning with some children joining courses at a lower or higher level than their age depending on their ability. This ensures every child gets the best education for their needs and can progress through the course levels at a pace that suits them. Our quest is for all students to achieve their full academic potential.

We have a large team of fully qualified teachers who provide detailed and encouraging assignment feedback. Every student is also allocated a student progress monitor who supports the student and ensures they stay on track with their studies.

We offer learning support services to those students with special educational needs.

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