Why Homeschool?

There are many reasons why people choose to home school their children, ranging from giving a child a better learning environment, to having more control over the content of a child’s education. If you are considering home schooling, it is very important you understand all these motives – the decision to home school should not be taken lightly.

What are the benefits of home schooling?

Compared to the mainstream school system, home schooling brings with it a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Learning at the correct pace – In schools, children are encouraged to study at a certain rate, however this can mean they either fall behind their classmates and feel they are learning too slowly, or find their potential constrained, leading to boredom. Home schooling can eliminate these issues, given that a student’s progression is decided by themselves and their mentor.
  • A flexible curriculum – With home schooling, a student can create and study a curriculum they want to learn, enjoying more choice and drive.
  • Control over educational philosophies – Parents can ensure their children are taught in line with educational philosophies that are well-suited to their child’s learning style.
  • Improved family ties – Home schooling can strengthen the bond between parent and child, given the amount of time spent together.
  • Improved socialisation – Home schooling can be a sociable experience, despite the apparent lack of contact between a child and their peers. Complete flexibility in the hours of teaching means that home schooled children can pursue hobbies, contribute to their communities and meet people they would otherwise not have interacted with if they were educated in a school – people of all ages. Arguably, this is more beneficial than primarily spending time with people their own age in school.

Home schooling is not necessarily a better option than regular schooling – it all depends on your child and the amount of support they are likely to receive from you. If your child enjoys learning with and around lots of people their own age, or you do not have enough time to support their learning, then home schooling may have a negative impact.

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