Homeschooling dyslexic child.

For many, homeschooling a dyslexic child can be seen as a real challenge. However, at Lifehack Academy we recognise that a child with dyslexia often has many strengths which can be used to aid their learning. We help parents identify the ways that they can best support their child in order to unlock their full potential.

We put the needs of your child front and centre and support you in your journey homeschooling a dyslexic child.

When homeschooling a dyslexic child, we understand that the one-size-fits-all approach of many traditional classrooms may not work well.

With Lifehack Academy, your child can work at a pace that is suitable for them. If a new concept requires several different approaches – in order to ensure they have understood it – then this can be achieved in a relaxed environment without making your child feel uncomfortable.

The more personal and nurturing approach of a homeschool education will help give your child the confidence to try new things without fear of failure or ridicule from their peers.

We offer a full range of additional special educational needs services including group and individual learning support sessions.

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