Best Homeschooling Offer

Do you want your child to enjoy Academic flexibility and study in a warm family environment? Homeschooling is your answer. Studying from home if not just efficient and meaningful, it also avails time for the stuff many schools cut. And that’s not all..

Curricula We Offer

Diversity is what sets us apart. We believe your son/daughter has the right to pick a curriculum they find useful. For that reason, our homeschooling curricula include the 8.4.4 Curriculum, the IGCSE Cambridge, EDEXCEL Curriculum, the IB, AOP Curriculum and Guidance & Counseling. Your son/daughter stands to benefit immensely from our experienced tutors.

IGCSE student

Why Choose Us?

Lifehack Homeschooling and Tuition Academy brings the attention your kid needs right inside your home. Our TSC Certified teachers (products of IGCSE themselves) will equip your kid with the relevant knowledge needed to flourish in the 21st century.

Individualized Learning

People choose homeschooling mainly to get their kids all the special attention he or she deserves. That’s why our teaching focuses on a single student at a time. We do this because we understand every child is gifted differently and needs personalized learning under a qualified teacher.

Focused on holistic growth

Our training is all round. Besides class work, we encourage life skills sports and field trips. And we since you (the parent) is fully involved, there is the synergy to guarantee the much needed holistic growth. Your kid’s psychological well being is our main goal.


Learn from the very best

Please get in touch and let’s discuss the best curriculum options, the available learning support and examination entry.