John Kiteme


I am a graduate with a Bachelor of Education Degree honors in Kiswahili and History from the University of Nairobi. During my studies, I was able to acquire experience in teaching having taught for two years in high school level on an internship basis and one term on teaching practice platform. I also have experience in teaching International Curriculum having worked in Kipmacgrath Educational Centers, Karen, Kilimani. I am a determined, creative, result-oriented and dynamic person who believes in quality delivery of services with the potential, skills, experience, and credibility to render quality service.


Bachelor of Education (Arts) (B.Ed. Arts) from Nairobi University. Also registered with Kenya Teachers Service Commission


Went to Kyamboo School and Kyamboo secondary School for my primary and secondary education respectively.


  • Instructor and Facilitator (Kipmacgrath Educational Center, Karen)
  • Teaching Practice (Itoloni Secondary School)
  • History Teacher (Kanguutheni Secondary School)