I am a teacher by profession, registered by TSC, and my big vision is given the best service and to cater to the needs of education in the 21st century by developing skills, helping learners to identify their interests at an early age. My objective is to do my best to contribute to nation-building by sharing my knowledge with students in an environment that encourages learners to take ownership of their learning. Above all, I guide and counsel students (  giving support, encouragement, and motivation). I’m of course still pursuing further studies to sharpen and broaden my skills


Bachelor of Education (Mathematics and Geography) (B.Ed. Arts) from the University of Nairobi


Went to Kyamboo School and Kyamboo secondary School for my primary and secondary education respectively.


  • Instructor and Facilitator (Kilimani International School)
  • Teaching Practice (Itoloni Secondary School)
  • History Teacher (Kanguutheni Secondary School)